Mongolian Throat singing

I play traditional Mongolian music and throat singing at a wide variety of activities and venues.

My music

Traditional songs & melodies from mOngolia.

I've been interested in Mongolian music for many years. But I became really serious about it around 2007. From then I started to study and learn Mongolian throat singing techniques at level beyond just a curiosity. My fasciation for throat singing techniques never faded and only became stronger in the years. It's just a wonderful instrument to carry with you at all times; your own voice. Being able to sing in so many different voices gives the music a very interesting and unique feeling.

About my performances

In the past years I've played at a wide variety of activities and venues; openings of expositions/museum, weddings, Mongolia-related festivals, open days at schools, parks or campings, and more! My performances take 5 up to 30 minutes, depending on what you have in mind. In my performances I play a selection of Songs and sing in different singing techniques, accompanying myself on Morin Huur (Horsehead fiddle) or Tovshuur (Mongolian banjo).

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Mongolian stories

Stories about history, nature, animals and life.

Mongolian songs sing about a wide variety of topics. In Mongolia there's still a lot of people still living a very traditional lifestyle. Living in their "yurts" and surrounded by their livestock (goat, sheep, horses, cows, yaks, camels). That's why it's not surprising that a lot of subjects in their songs circle around topics such as daily life, the nature surrounding the people and the animals. And of course their rich history is another frequently heard subject as well, describing the period of Chinggis Khaan.