I'm part of the extended soundtrack of Karmaflow!

"One of the coolest contributions of our soundtrack was by a Mongolian throat singer: Rowan Hartsuiker. This track can be found in the game when you encounter the Spirit Village."

I was asked if I was interested to sing a part of the soundtrack for Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Game. Of course I was interested! I'm always interested to spread my music around. If it's for a game, video, film, documentary, or whatever! Here's what Karmaflow has to say themselves;

Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame is part of the multidisciplinary project Karmaflow. The aim of the project is to unite music, games and theater in a unique way, experimenting with sung interactive narrative. Learn more about Karmaflow on their website.

Check it out here:

Rowan Lee Hartsuiker
Written on
June 30, 2016