Rowan Lee Hartsuiker

Hello! My name is Rowan. I'm a musician and website/graphic designer from the Netherlands.


In short about me

  • Name: Rowan Lee Hartsuiker

  • Born: 05 november 1987

  • Location: Noord-Holland, Netherlands

  • Nationality: Dutch

Short biography

I'm a musician, singer and graphic designer. I live together with my wife and two sons very happily in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands. My daily job is being a flexible all-round freelance graphic designer owning my own business Studio Corvus. In-between work I travel together with my family to share my music and singing through Europe.

My Work

What I love to do

Being a musician and graphic designer doesn't look like a logical combination at first. But for me they are two things which I've been able to combine very successful - and more important - with a lot of joy in the past years. I can put my creativity in these activities in both their own unique ways.

Get in touch with me
Mongolian music

I play traditional Mongolian music at a wide variety of events and activities.

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Interested to learn about overtone/throat singing? Attend my workshops!

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I'm an all-round graphic designer owning my own company "Studio Corvus".

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My specialty is website design; Modern and beautiful responsive websites!

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Interests & Hobbies

"Life is one big discovery of new and unknown things", that's what I always say to myself. Life is too short to sit and do nothing! I'm trying to learn as many new things as possible and try as hard as I can; Sometimes with good results, sometimes less good. Sometimes with a lot of passion, sometimes with a little less. Through the years these things received a steady portion of love in my life:

  • Travelling, Cultures, Traditions of the world
  • Creating & Listening to Music
  • Walking, Cycling
  • Wolfdog (my Wolfdog Raven)
  • Crows & Ravens (of course!)
  • Collecting rare good-luck Swastika items


My wolfdog

"Raven" is our Saarloos Wolfdog (wolf-dog hybrid). Raven was born on november 8th, 2014. Although it might sound cliche; he surely is my best buddy! He can be so much fun and he's always in an (extremely) happy and enthusiastic mood. But he can be a pain in the ass too! Some people love him, some people hate him. But the fact is, he himself loves everyone and everything!